Research in the School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences covers an exciting mix of fundamental research that investigates how organisms and ecosystems function, more applied research that investigates ecosystems with practical and management outcomes in mind, and environmental social research that investigates the human element of ecosystems. Our research portfolio also includes a number of large research programs that we conduct in partnership with local government, industry or federal agencies. Our activities are supported by state-of-the-art facilities and research infrastructure. 

The School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences (SEFS) is Australia’s premier research and education provider dedicated to the study of ecosystem processes, sustainable land management, and environmental social science in forest and other ecosystems, covering the full range from natural to highly urbanised systems.

Prof. Gerd Bossinger
Prof. Gerd Bossinger, Head of School, Director Creswick Campus

Welcome to the School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences!

Our work spans from molecular to ecosystem scales, from technology to sociology, and from city to wilderness, seamlessly integrating our research activities with our teaching programs.

SEFS operates across three locations, the University’s main Campus at Parkville, the Burnley Campus with a century old tradition of excellence in urban horticulture, which today is a dynamic multidisciplinary research centre with a focus on green infrastructure, urban ecology, ecohydrology and forest science, and our regional Creswick Campus, originally the University’s specialist campus for forest science and the birthplace of forest education and research in Australia, which today also is home to significant plant and crop science research programs.

Our extensive teaching and research facilities are complemented by a number of long-term field research sites which together with a range of large scale government and industry partnerships represent a significant strength of the School.

Help us tackle some of the planet’s most pressing issues and start your career by enrolling in one of our undergraduate and graduate coursework programs, join one of our research teams as honours, postgraduate or post-doctoral researcher, enquire about employment opportunities or partner with us as research collaborator or collaborating sponsor.

I invite you to browse through our web-pages and explore the many educational, career development and research opportunities that we can offer.


Professor Gerd Bossinger
Head of School.