Research Themes

Understanding the functioning of ecosystems is the main focus of research in the School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences. We investigate interactions between organisms and their environment integrating biological, ecological, biogeochemical and social aspects of ecosystem and forest sciences. Our research groups are organized under three main research themes that cover fundamental, applied and social aspects of ecosystem and forest sciences.

Plant and Ecosystem Processes

Under this theme we investigate fundamental processes and mechanisms that govern the development and functioning of organisms and ecosystems. Understanding the biological, ecological and biogeochemical processes that affect the world around us is a prerequisite to defining how we can sustainably live within the limits of our natural environment.

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Ecosystem and Landscape Management (Applied Ecosystem Science)

Research under this theme develops the science underpinning effective management of natural landscapes that considers ecological, social, and cultural needs of current and future generations.

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Environmental Social Science

Environmental Social Science focuses on the human element of ecosystems. Research under this theme investigates psycho-social dimensions of environmental management, social factors that cause environmental problems, the societal impacts of those problems, and efforts to solve these problems as well as policy mechanisms to address some major environmental issues

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