Melbourne Water

I. Melbourne Waterway Research-Practice Partnership

The Melbourne Waterway Research-Practice Partnership is a collaboration between Melbourne Water and the University of Melbourne to conduct and apply research to improve Melbourne’s waterways. Our research is focused on the drivers of waterway ecosystem condition and aims to support Melbourne Water’s prioritisation and implementation activities. This partnership aims to provide both (i) applied research to underpin the improved management of both urban and rural waterways and (ii) activities that integrate these research findings and broader science into practice.

Specific activities of the Melbourne Waterway Research-Practice Partnership fall into five integrated themes:

  • Models of ecological responses
  • Flow and water quality management
  • Catchment-scale interventions
  • Assessment of stream management activities
  • Community engagement

Melbourne Waterway Research-Practice Partnership -  MWRPP

II. Maintaining catchment water security in response to changing fire and climate regimes

Changing fire and climate regimes pose a significant threat to Melbourne’s water security. This multi-year program seeks to understand the key drivers of risk to Melbourne’s water resources, and to provide tools for Melbourne Water to better understand and manage risk to the volume and quality of catchment outflows. Three themes address major issues:

  • Optimising the application of prescribed fire in Melbourne Water catchments for the protection of water quality, water yield and human safety.
  • Estimating water yield response to wildfire
  • Estimating the water yield response to modified rainfall regimes in a changing climate