A Patchy Account of Plant Development

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A Patchy Account of Plant Development

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Creswick Campus


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In this seminar, Gerd Bossinger will reflect on more than 30 years of studying plant development. From early embryo development to wood formation, genetic mosaics and the study of variegation patterns shed light on cell fate, structural templates and developmental compartments. For example, where patterns persist throughout the plant, deductions can be made as to the fate of individual meristematic cells and the number and arrangement of initial cells giving rise to a variety of plant organs or structures. At a molecular level, defined sectors can shed light on the cell autonomy of a certain trait, inform us about the propagation of molecular signals and indeed allow us to directly compare genetically distinct tissue sectors in an attempt to determine specific gene function. To join the seminar remotely, please place this URL into your browser just prior to it commencement: https://unimelb.zoom.us/j/915371147


  • Professor Gerd Bossinger
    Professor Gerd Bossinger, University of Melbourne