First child assisted with oxygen from FREO2 life-saving low pressure oxygen store in Uganda

The FREO2 low pressure oxygen system is live and has assisted a child in Mbarara, Uganda for the first time.


Picture: Hospital staff and a family member gently care for a newborn boy; the first child to be assisted with oxygen from the FREO2 low pressure oxygen system. (Source: FREO2)

Designed by a team from the University of Melbourne, the FREO2 low pressure oxygen store (LPOS) is a low cost, low maintenance and electricity-free oxygen concentrator designed to combat pneumonia in developing countries. While the power is on, excess oxygen from a concentrator is used to fill LPOS. When the power cuts out, this oxygen is automatically released to the patients. LPOS will be able to provide oxygen to a child suffering from pneumonia for eight to ten hours.

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