PhD student Shahnaj Parvin wins second place at international forum

Shahnaj Parvin has won second place at the Global Climate Change Community gathering in Tampa, Florida for her talk on crop growth.

Hosted by the American Society of Agronomy (ASA), the Community is a forum to discuss approaches to mitigate climate change for agronomic systems.

Ms Parvin’s presentation, titled ‘N2 Fixation and Related Traits of Two Lentil Genotypes Grown Under Free Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE) Facilities in a Semi-Arid Environment’, focused on legume growth under nitrogen and high levels of carbon dioxide. Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences student Shihab Uddin won first place for his talk on water use efficiency under dry land agriculture and high CO2 levels.

Ms Parvin began her PhD in 2015 and works in the Australian Grains Free Air CO2 Enrichment (AGFACE) program, a partnership between Agriculture Victoria and the University of Melbourne, with funding from the Grains Research and Development Corporation and the Australian federal government. She hopes to become a scientist in the fields of agronomy, crop physiology and pulse improvement.