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    Dr. Richard Benyon, Richard Benyon leads research examining water use and water yields from native and planted forests.
  • Dr. Wim Bovill
    Dr. Wim Bovill, Wim Bovill is working on an Automated Fuel Moisture Monitoring Network to assist bushfire management.
  • Dr. Dominik Jaskierniak
    Dr. Dominik Jaskierniak, Dominik Jaskierniak's interests are modelling forest water use and streamflow, and remote sensing of forests.
  • Assoc. Prof. Patrick Lane
    Assoc. Prof. Patrick Lane, Patrick Lane researches the ecohydrologic impact of forest growth and disturbance at a range of spatial and temporal scales.
  • Dr. Christoph Langhans
    Dr. Christoph Langhans, Christoph Langhans is currently working on a project on risk to water quality and yield from wildfire. He specializes in hillslope infiltration and erosion processes.
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    Mr. Philip Noske, Philip Noske designs experimental hydrologic monitoring systems, and researches post-fire runoff and erosion.
  • Dr. Petter Nyman
    Dr. Petter Nyman, Petter Nyman works on surface hydrology in forests. His research deals with questions relating to fire, forest fuels, soil development and erosion.
  • Dr. Gary Sheridan
    Dr. Gary Sheridan, Gary Sheridan is a forest soil and erosion specialist, with a particular focus on researching the effect of fire on water quality and geomorphology.

Professional Staff

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    Mr. Craig Baillie, Craig Baillie works on environmental sensing networks.


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    Ashley Greenwood, Ashley Greenwood is a PhD student working on improved modelling of the hydrologic impact of afforestation.
  • Assaf Inbar
    Assaf Inbar, Assaf Inbar is a PhD student, his project is "Quantifying the energy and water controls on the geomorphic processes in the mountainous regions of SE Australia using a modelling approach"
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    Leila Kasmaei, Leila Kasmaei is a PhD student researching the effect of scaling on runoff generation.
  • Daniel Metzen
    Daniel Metzen, Daniel Metzen is a PhD student working on "Water balance dynamics in relation to aridity index, topography, soil depth and vegetation patterns".
  • Rene Van Der Sant
    Rene Van Der Sant, Rene Van Der Sant is a PhD student working aridity as a predictor of the hydrogeomorphic response of burnt landscapes.