• Cristina Aponte
    Cristina Aponte (Research Fellow), Cristina is an ecosystem ecologist whose research focuses on the effects of management and climate change on forest carbon at different spatial and temporal scales.
  • Prof. Stefan Arndt
    Prof. Stefan Arndt, Stefan researches how plants adapt to environmental stresses and investigates how forest ecosystems respond to climate change.
  • Lauren Bennett
    Lauren Bennett (Senior Research Fellow), Lauren's research focuses on effects of disturbances, like fire and climate change, on the ecosystem processes that underpin carbon and nutrient cycles.
  • Claire Farrell
    Claire Farrell, Claire investigates the use of plants to make Australian cities more liveable. Designing green roofs for drought tolerance, stormwater mitigation and improved biodiversity.
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    Benedikt Fest, Benedikt is an ecosystem ecologist, who investigates the magnitude of and the processes behind soil greenhouse gas fluxes including how they vary temporally and spatially in natural and man-made ecosystems.
  • Sabine Kasel
    Sabine Kasel (Senior Research Fellow), Sabine is an ecologist, her research investigates the effects of management and climate change on ecosystem processes in native forests and restored landscapes.
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    Rebecca Miller, Rebecca is an ecophysiologist interested in the physiological and biochemical responses of plants to the environment, including the chemical ecology of plant-herbivore and plant-pollinator interactions.
  • Chris Szota
    Chris Szota, Chris studies how plants improve the effectiveness of engineered vegetated systems, like green roofs, street tree pits and raingardens, in reducing the volume of polluted stormwater entering urban waterways.
  • Virginia Williamson
    Virginia Williamson, Virginia is a plant physiologist who researches xylem dysfunction and the response of plants to drought stress, wounding and microbial colonisation.


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    Pengzhen (Peggy) Du, Pengzhen's research focuses on green roofs for Australian conditions, through substrate design and plant selection to optimize environmental performance.
  • Anne Griebel
    Anne Griebel, Anne researches how carbon and water fluxes vary with season and how this seasonal variability impacts structural growth patterns in a eucalypt forest.
  • Nina Hinko Najera
    Nina Hinko Najera, Nina's research focuses on the seasonal variability of soil respiration dynamics in a eucalypt forest, their response to climate change and contribution to the forest’s carbon balance.
  • Carola Pritzkow
    Carola Pritzkow, Carola researches how different Eucalypt species adjust their leaf physiological and wood traits in order to cope with drought stress.
  • Gregor Sanders
    Gregor Sanders, Gregor is investigating how physiological functions associated with drought tolerance change across climate gradients in eucalypts.
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    Tom Sayers, Tom investigates thermogenesis and the chemical ecology of plant-pollinator interactions in endemic Australian Araceae.
  • Merryn Smith
    Merryn Smith, Merryn is researching carbohydrate energy reserve storage and dynamics in eucalypt trees, particularly in the context of resprouting.
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    Gert Hoy Talbo

Professional Staff

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    Julio Najera, Julio is the technical officer providing professional support to scientists and postgraduate students with the research in the Landscape Carbon, biodiversity and associated fire behaviour research projects.