Creswick Analytical Services

The Analytical Services at the Creswick campus consist of an established laboratory & experienced team providing reliable analysis of soil, plant, water and other materials.

Whether you are interested in carbon:nitrogen ratios, plant nutrient uptake, soil fertility, environmental analysis, catchment nutrient management or other studies we can do the analytical work and provide you with robust data.

Our services are available to all researchers and their affiliates within the School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences and the broader University of Melbourne.

What we offer

  • Advice on sample preparation & analytical options
  • Pre-analysis extraction & digestion (optional - researcher may perform)
  • Analysis

Analyses available

  • Total Carbon, Nitrogen & Sulphur - Elemental Analyser (LECO TRU MAC)
  • Multi-Elements - Total & Available Macro & Micro Elements, Exchangeable Cations, Mehlich 3 (Available Nutrients) - Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry (Varian ICP–OES)
  • Plant Nitrate - Colorimetric Discrete Analyser (Seal AQ2)
  • Soil Nitrate, Ammonia, Phosphate, Mineralised Nitrogen - Colorimetric Discrete Analyser (Seal AQ2)

Other analyses and services

  • pH & Electrical Conductivity
  • Anions & Carbohydrates - High Performance Liquid Chromatography (Dionex HPLC)
  • Other soil physical & chemical measurements
  • Plant or soil grinding for analysis
  • And potentially more, just ask!

Results you can trust!

  • We perform rigorous quality control procedures
  • All our Analysers are externally validated with the Australasian Soil & Plant Analysis Council (ASPAC) with certification for most of our analyses
  • Shipping your samples to Creswick is easy!


For more information, to discuss your requirements, book your samples or request the current pricelist, contact Najib & Helen.