Field research sites and field work support facilities

Mobile greenhouse gas analysers

The School is operating a range of mobile greenhouse gas analysers that can be deployed in ecosystems for automated and remote area monitoring of soil based greenhouse gas emissions

  • Mobile Ecosystem Gas Analyser
    The MEGA is an automated greenhouse gas measurement system that can monitor soil based fluxes of CH4, N2O and CO2. It consists of 6 automatically operated chambers that collect gas samples and transfer them to a Fourier Transformed Infrared spectrometer (FTIR) which is housed in a mobile laboratory. The system is powered by a remote area power system and is currently deployed at Wombat Flux.
  • Fast greenhouse gas analyser
    FGGA is a portable cavity enhanced laser absorptionspectrometer that can simultaneously measure CH4, CO2 and H2O. We have two of these FGGA instruments from Los Gatos Research and they can be deployed for gas measurements in manual chambers or in conjunction with automated chambers.

Wombat Flux long-term ecosystem research site (Wombat Forest)

The Wombat Flux long-term ecosystem research site investigates the complex ecosystem processes of the carbon, water and nutrient cycle in a dry-sclerophyll forest ecosystem that is typical for many forests in Australia. This research will help to assess the impact of future environmental change on forest ecosystems in Australia.

Wombat Flux is part of the national Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network ), one of the main sites of the OzFlux network and a node of the Victorian Dry Eucalypt Supersite in the TERN Supersite Network .

Wombat Flux Research Site