• Barbara Ozarska
    Barbara Ozarska (Professor), Barbara is a timber engineer whose research focuses on value-added utilization of plantation timber for high-value wood products based on solid wood, veneers and engineered wood.
  • Dr Benoit Belleville
    Dr Benoit Belleville (Research Fellow), Benoit is a research fellow and wood engineer whose research focuses timber engineering, engineered wood products, wood adhesion, and mechanical properties of timber.


  • Peter Edwin
    Peter Edwin (PhD candidate), Peter is currently developing a multi-criterion optimisation framework for reducing the greenhouse (GHG) emissions associated with hardwood processing in Papua New Guinea.
  • Vendy Eko Prasetyo
    Vendy Eko Prasetyo (PhD candidate), Vendy conducting research to improve the production efficiency of medium-size Indonesian wood furniture companies.
  • Ngoc Bao Nguyen
    Ngoc Bao Nguyen (PhD candidate), Ngoc analyses the potential production of multilaminar (reconstructed) veneer from low quality eucalyptus and acacia plantations grown in Vietnam.
  • Jamaludin Malik
    Jamaludin Malik (PhD candidate), Jamaludin aims to enhance timber quality of jabon wood (Anthocepalus cadamba) for high quality products by treatment through densification and impregnation with merbau extractives.
  • Phongxiong Wenneng (PhD candidate), , Phongxiong is investigating the impact of selected wood characteristics and properties on the market price of plantation-grown teak logs (Tectona grandis Linn.F) in Lao People Democratic Republic.
  • Bernard Gibson (PhD candidate) , Bernie is currently developing a system to attenuate low-frequency structure-borne sound in multi-storey timber buildings.

Professional staff

  • Johannes Ferhmann
    Johannes Ferhmann
  • Kristopher Orlowski