Finding a supervisor and topic for your research project

About masters and honours research projects

The School of Ecosystem and Forest Science offers masters and honours research projects in the following courses:

Finding your area of interest

You should review the supervisors and projects available within the School of Ecosystem and Forest Science and decide on an area of research that interests you. While supervisors have been placed into broad research themes, all engage in interdisciplinary approaches across multiple themes.

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Approaching supervisors

Before contacting a potential supervisor, look carefully at the type of research they do. Read through:

Approach potential supervisors in research areas that interest you and discuss projects on offer, or tell them about potentail project ideas that you may have. When you email a potential supervisor, please include a transcript of your academic record (you can print out your current record from SIS). Arrange a time to meet them in person.

Most supervisors within the School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences take on only one or two students per year, so our intake is competitive, and places are limited.

Take time to discuss the available projects; it is important that you choose an area of research that interests you.

How to apply

Once you have identified supervisors and projects, fill out the project approval form for your course:

Include the completed form in your application, and to expedite admission, have the supervisor(s) sign the form before submission.

It may be that some potential supervisors cannot make a commitment at this time point. You may therefore include several potential supervisors.

Supervisors may also offer a project that commences mid-year (Semester 2) or start-year (Semester 1) according to fieldwork requirements, plant growth, animal life-cycles or simply aligned project timing.

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