Forest and Water

Ecohydrology, evapotranspiration and streamflow dynamics, sediment dynamics and geomorphology, catchment evolution, with a particular interest in the hydrologic effects of fire.

Academic staff

The following staff are available to supervise honours and masters research in the field of forests and water.

For more information and potential projects, see the Fire Ecology and Biodiversity group website.

Professor Patrick Lane

Research into the ecohydrologic impact of forest growth and disturbance at a range of spatial and temporal scales, and disturbance impacts on water quality.

Project topics:

  • Fire and climate impacts on evapotranspiration and streamflow
  • Forest growth dynamics and hydrology
  • Forest disturbance and water quality
  • Carbon-water process interactions


Dr Gary Sheridan

Research in forest soil and erosion with a particular focus on the effect of fire on water quality and geomorphology.

Project topics:

  • Climate change and future fire impacts on hydrology
  • Coevolution of vegetation, soils and fire regimes
  • Post fire flash flooding and debris flows
  • Ecohydrologic feedbacks in flammable forests


Dr Assaf Inbar

Modelling the effects of climate change on forest dynamics, wildfire and water yield, and the long-term co-evolution of soils, vegetation and landscapes.


Dr Richard Benyon

Examination of water use and water yields from native and planted forests.

Project topics:

  • Comparison of water use in mountain ash and cool temperate rainforest
  • Water use of wet sclerophyll understory in wet and dry conditions
  • Forest understorey water use
  • Species change effects on water supplies


Dr Petter Nyman

Studies in forest hydrology and landscape change with a focus on sediment transport, micrometeorology and fire.


Dr Christoph Langhans

Dr Dominik Kaskierniak

Dr Wim Bovill