Forest Carbon

Improving knowledge of forest carbon stores and underlying ecosystem processes, including interactions with other forest values (water, biodiversity), and impacts of changing fire and climate regimes.

Academic staff

The following staff are available to supervise honours and masters research in the field of forest carbon.

Dr Lauren Bennett

Research in the effects of disturbances, like fire and climate change, on the ecosystem processes that underpin carbon and nutrient cycles.

Project topics:

  • Environmental patterns in forest carbon
  • Impacts of compounded events (fire and climate) on forest carbon
  • Tree growth and mortality in response to changing climate and fire regimes
  • Integrating risk into environmental accounting frameworks for forest carbon


Dr Nina Hinko-Najera

Studies the carbon balance of forest ecosystems, particularly soil respiration processes and their response to environmental changes, and how tree growth responds to climate variability and forest stand competition effects.

Project topics:

  • Carbon balance of forest ecosystems and its response to environmental changes
  • Environmental and biological controls on ecosystem- and soil respiration processes
  • Tree growth and stand dynamics of temperate eucalypt forests